#AppenninoBikeTour – Italy’s Longest Bike Trail

Ever wondered how to get from northern Italy to Sicily by bike? Now here is a trail to follow! The team at ViviAppennino created a trail that runs from Liguria to Sicily across 14 regions, 296 towns and 25 nature parks for a total of 2600 km on Italy’s longest mountain range. 

This is the kind of epic bike tour that we love. That is why we have partnered up with the amazing people at ViviAppennino to promote the Sicilian portion of the Appennino trail. And we are looking forward to welcoming the team and the Italian ultracycling champion Omar Di Felice who will arrive on the 12th of April for the final stages of the #AppenninoBikeTour – The Giro d’Italia that you don’t expect!

Discover more about the trail on AppenninoBikeTour.com where you will find all the GPS tracks, updates on the promotional tour with Omar Di Felice, the towns along the route and the people behind this amazing project.

With our nonprofit organisation Ciclabili Siciliane – Sicily Cycling we are happy to join this thrilling adventure and backup the team around Enrico Della Torre, not only during the final stages of their tour that will take place from the 12th to the 14th of April 2018 in Sicily. We believe that this is the kind of bottom-up initiatives that can really make the difference, especially for all those tiny villages off the beaten path where life still moves at a slower pace. Looking for your next cycling adventure? Get in touch for more info!