Rosamarina Lake Loop Ride

A Panoramic and Easy Mountain Bike Ride Around the Lake Rosamarina near Caccamo

Mountain Bike & Gravel Route in sicily

An easy mountain bike route around the scenic lake of Rosamarina that is dominated by the impressive medieval castle of Caccamo and boasts beautiful sea views from the dam. Ideal for hardtail mountain bikes or gravel bikes.
Rosamarina is an artificial lake set between the coastal town of Termini Imerese and the medieval hillside town of Caccamo within the Province of Palermo. It is known mainly by locals who practice water sports during the summer and easy mountain biking all year round. The lake is set in a scenic valley and you can still see some remains of the former settlement standing out of the water. You may encounter cattle or horses on the pine-fringed shore and  these folks are often even too lazy to run away so don’t worry if it takes a few minutes before they clear the path. The views from the dam towards the Tyrrhenian sea are really nice, especially during the winter or spring. That is when the watergates are open and you can watch the huge waterfalls go down to the San Leonardo River.

Public transport: Railway station at Termini Imerese. There are several trains during the day and in the evening and bicycles are allowed on all regional trains for free. Check the train timetable on

Please note: if you travel solo or as a couple, you will hardly ever have problems in finding a place for your bikes on the train, but if you are a group of cyclists please bear in mind that most trains only carry two bikes.

Terrain: The first section on the route runs on urban and secondary roads. The track around the lake is off-road.

Difficulty level: easy

Bike: best for mountain bikes (hardtail) or e-mountain bikes. More experienced cyclists can use a mountain bike hybrid or gravel bike. Rent a bike for your tour around Lake Rosamarina.

Route Info

MTB, E-MTB, Gravel
Best Period
41 km
3 hrs
Departure Point
Termini Imerese, Railway Station
Arrival Point
Termini Imerese, Railway Station
Elevation Gain
720 m
Highest Point
370 m
Intermodal Transport
Train, Private Shuttle
Skill Level
Fitness Level

Riding Surface

  • Asphalt 38% 38%
  • Paved 31% 31%
  • Gravel 1% 1%
  • Natural 30% 30%

Way Type

  • Road 63% 63%
  • Urban Road 5% 5%
  • Path 1% 1%
  • Track 30% 30%

Elevation Profile

Use the dynamic altitude chart to see all climbs along the route. Select your preferred map type from the available options on the top right position of the map. If you have activated the relevant function in your browser you will see a marker pointing to your current position.

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